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Thursday, January 23, 2020

Web Design 2020

Web Design :How its Important for Web Development 2020 ?

The Web Design is very Improtant part of any website its makes website goodlooking,Responsive and Bootstrap,WebDesign  is attracte user its very useful for making and looking site unique and diffrent to other developer's site.Development is giving the rights to make site service accessable and source of power and enble options

  • Looks
  • Style
  • color


Looks original means by layout and layout section format how to webpage looks like and displayed when its Published .In the layout its very important for you web because its described first before coding a webpage on Rough like notebooks.
So you easily write and select yout codes.
In layout section its content this some option and many more in the modern website


Style is the main source that attracte visitors to our sites and stayed him to our sites its the part of seo or user interface and actions or its contain some best things


header is the your webpage head with its seprate with many or navigation bar and also some website log with logo and Search Bar basically its your webpage head of full body its defines a header for a document or a section..

Navigation {nav} 

navigation is basically called user optional tab its along with header and some time bottom of header its main purpose is contain some option all tools or tabs its contain manubar ,saerch bar,logo's its basically a container.
Defines a container for navigation links.This helps the viewr of page and visitor  of website
to put any side or page of sitemap and anywher of site and locate content what he/she want


Section is the some content or objects that work automatically or mannual and its also used for script and  adding some effect  or action like some slidshow iamges bottom on the navigation bar or menu bar or some video played automatically and also Advertise using Banner's POPup its Defines a section in document or files with object work.


article is main optional there our  content displayed its area of the website main soul or body.Its usely who try the webcode contetn provider visitor of website see here the resultes that he search on the internet.Article is also is a container that contained some topics or that we provide here like documents,images,audio,video,some libarey article of text and some blogs here we put our dai;y work like webowner who wanted to create a website forthis business.


in the last we have a footer or bottom of webpage this isthe leg of website its also looks like header but its contained maniy thigs.Like links,popular topics ,othersites optional,Ads,copyright attribution,tags,contact form .Sometab of option who included in header or navigation bar .privacy policy basically its contained all the links of website sitemap.


font family is the font type and font name like Arial ,Blod,Italic 
Regular ,Times and font style

font size

font size is the text thats we wanted to display bigger large or small like h1,h2,h3...


its used for styling color for decoration of web page and looking unique and attractive for visitors attention

background color is backside of any text and files or images overlay to looking it ome to one means overlay

if any question related this articel please commentॐॐॐௐௐ

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