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Tuesday, January 14, 2020

The Evolution of Tech NEW01 (Tech News And Science Innovation And Vedic )



  1. Don't Use VPN
Because the signals of data of VPN  and hotspot for uploading  and downloading and also suffering are being sent in every direction Normally passwords and backup data portection's Wifi utilizes encrypted that ensure when and what hackers pickup is a jumbled and useless mess and cannot reassembled

The Public Wifi like some places and spot's like salon,cafe and restraurent and hotel and also some way  of street is'n protected by wifi passwords meaning you don't benefit from enryption.A vpn makes up for that by providing its own from of encryption that portets against Snoope..

2. New Innovation

Great Electronic and Innovative Invention
The Scientists has invented a invincible Lithuin -ion Battery Nearly.This new type of battery can be cut ,bent,fired,Soak,shot,Destroy and lit and put on the fire and it still powers and working up just fire and sent current and we used it..

3. T7 Touch SSD Drive Comes with a Unique Feature
We many time use SSD Drive when our computers Extrenal Drive are fall of storage and we want to increase our pc's storage capacity with SSD because its cheap and easy to install and we portected our pc  passwords  some time  we forget our pc passwords and problem is that our external drives be full  might not come with same level of portection .This manes anyone who steals your external drive might be able to access.
So Sumsung has lunched and announched it's T7 Touch SSD with Fingerprint Sensor its comes with a builtin fingerprint sen sor accessing the contents on the drive can only be done once the user has been authenticated through their fingerprint..

4. MicroController

Today we live in modern tech and science era with sprititual World In our daily life we used most of modern Technology through So we call it Gadgets and Equipments and day-by-day the technology isa growing faster ,with gadgets like in 19' for talking from one place to another place person we used telephone  but telephone are using wire connection but in this days we used mobile Phone's and in past we used a room sized computers and its proccessing speed and storage capacity are very low but today we used fastest computers in various fields like Science, Eduaction,Gaming,Business and also today we have L.E.D T.V  Smart Watches with calling features and internet Satellaites and many more this is called Evoluation of Technology 

Did you think how's its possible Let me Answered you

its possibled and happend's by Microcontroller and proccessor Chips inusing  

in every industries in every electronic equipments for giving fast service boosting making speed its very important part of every electronic devices basically its Brain and Heart of Every fastest Electronic Device like Smartphone,Pc's ,Scientific Equipments ,Autonomues microcontroller most used in Robotic ....

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