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Friday, December 6, 2019

how to get traffic on your website?

*How to Get Free Traffic on your Site and How to Rank an Post Free*]

You want to rank your website /blog in google and you also want to traffic of your website but you dosen't know how to do it and you have no money for it that ways So,here we are bring a Website in online its name in

This is a Free Classified ads Website her you can put and forum type aur articale type ads FRee and  you know what is surprising in this classified ad  site to Putting ads in this site you do not Signup/Login or Register process you can Put Your Ads Direct

In the Internet many free classified ad site but there has a problem in the problem is for Putting and Publishing ads there we  have to Register/Signup or Login
You Choose the Free Classified ads site but they ask for compelete the registerion process

So in  the internet you have to a better option without any rules and condition you can permote your site/blog or anything 

Innetads.comis best free classified ad site 

*The Question is How to you put the ads and permote your site
and get more traffic free ?

*How to put Ads in

1. First You have to know that some major and improtant  information about this

You have only upload one image and image also height is 800px and width is also 800 px and the size of image is 500kb
after that
you have a short decription on your site or post 

You have to submit yo need an Email and Phone Number

  • Open the Site and Click on 
       "Click Here to Post Ads"

or in the page Footer

Add caption

  • Add Title
    in the  you have to write and keyword that peopl are search in internet and the search engine shows your ad post.

and also Write and Description like Some Short inforamtion about your post or website and like you have an post on your site then in the post of your site Start some lines or heading you can put here with post link or website link

  • Add image
in Image section the Site also mentioned you can only upload one image and Formates also showned but image size is 500 kb or height 800px or width 800px.

  • Related Link/Url
in this section you can put your sites post Link that has to want to tarffic or website Link/url so any person whom watch the your ads is direct goes your post or website with this but in the description you can also put links/URL

  • Category 
in the section you can choose your ads type  like what is your ads its Travel website ads or Technical ads like Computer/Electronics 

  • Target 
You dont need to choose in this section because this section you choose anycity so your ads only shown on that cities
You don choose anything on this section
  • Target State
also dont need to choose

  • Add owner
in this section you can put your site name or your name

and type Phone no. and email and create Password remember every ads you can create an password and also remember it because without is you can not updates and modifey your ad

and Click on Submit

After is a new window have open that window have a Ad id like145056write down it and remeber it because without it you can not Update your ad

Here is Your Ad is Compelete 
and Your Get the More Traffic and Run your post free..

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