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Sunday, November 3, 2019

What Happen when we Delete the Temp folder into our PC ? (tmp file) what is tmp file

What Happen when we Delete the Temp folder into our PC
what is tmp file

When you view a webpage or Internet Website and any Application or Software in our Computer , Internet Explorer saves a temporary copy of that page and qureis or simplfy data or topics and basic detailes with hidden so that it can be displayed more quickly if you open it again later.

 The following topics can help you view and delete temporary files or re use re - login or signup on the platfrom , and change the amount of disk space that these files use on your computer. 

If you want to save a permanent copy of one of the files in your Temporary Internet Files folder, copy it to another folder. To copy a file while you're viewing temporary files, right-click the file, click Copy, and then paste the file into another folder.

 Temp File Is a Temporery file the used by App Data and computer system for auto filling and saving pervious detiles that you used This is have our some few and optical aur optional detailes in our computer in C drive System function Folder that is called app data with Sub folder called TEMP When we used some service’s like we book a cab’s service online then we need’s to provide our location on the submit our location in onetime after compeleted submission our Computer have saved data that we provide websites into Computer system inside Temp Your local drive saved it only few time temporey The File Doesn’t have big size data it’s have very small size data in text format or more and many type’s files its have indie Its have cache files and some backup files and also have cookie 

Ex: when we Run Microsoft Office in our pc and write and save a document then in any directory or folder or drive but TEMP is also have a some folder that we saved but not have file its have local knowledge and running time and what we do in the 

MS- OFFiCE into whole time when we plug our smartphone into our pc through Usb Cable and run any file such music and image or video direct control to Computer first its have to compy into the pc system For Running the smmartphone data or any file its have to inside the our system that way we control or play and run any file by our mouse to smartphone directory its copy into the system folder The location of the copy and running data is ADMIN or DESKTOP ADMINISTRATION Folder Called APPData and its subfolder is TEMP . 

So that is temp inside the computer Its Have Data Cookies Kept in memory so pages work correctly, but cleared when you close the browser. Temporary Internet Files Stored on disk so pages work correctly, but deleted when you close the browser. Webpage history This information is not stored. Form data and passwords This information is not stored. Anti-phishing cache Temporary information is encrypted and stored so pages work correctly. Address bar and search AutoComplete This information is not stored.

Automatic Crash Restore
 (ACR) ACR can restore a tab when it crashes in a session, but if the whole window crashes, data is deleted and the window cannot be restored. Document Object Model (DOM) storage

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