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Sunday, November 25, 2018

RF-Remeber Facts 1

RF-Remeber Facts

A computer netowrks is an interconnected syustem of two or more computers which enbales the computers to communicate with each other and provides users the aaccess to shared resoures.
According to the physical distance that a network covers,computer networkes can be categorised into four types namely PAN,LAN,MAN,WAN.
An intranet is a pprivate compuetr network woened by a company or an organisation and is accesaiable only to its employees whereas an extrane6t is a computere network that allows outside users to have limited access to the part of the orginaztion
A protocol is fromal sett of rules and conventions that governs how computer exchange information ovewr a network .
data communication fefers to the exchange of data between the connected de4vices in a network using some from of transmision media.
The way in which compurters and others devices are connected to each other in a network is knoen as the network toplogy .There are five basic topologies, namely,buys,ring,star,tree and mesh toplogy

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